• A key way to achieve greater impact and to create value is to work with partners who bring expertise
  • For this reason, we have specifically chosen JSC Latvijas Balzams to produce Manac Vodka
  • JSC Latvijas Balzams is a leading producer of alcoholic beveragez with a history steeped in tradition since 1900
  • Their products are available in more than 30 countries worldwide
  • High and stable international quality standards are introduced in the daily production practices
  • The company has 2 production factories in Riga
  • JSC Latvijas Balzams is the most significant exporters in Latvia
  • Strong background in production of “private label” projects with more than 18 that are currently active in Norway, China, UK, Lithuania, Sweden, Denmark, Germany and USA.


MANAC Vodka is proud to announce its partnership with Decadense.

Decadense has chosen to exclusively promote and to personally use MANAC Vodka at Decadence
events regionally and globally as the preferred vodka drinks partner.

Decadense runs events internationally throughout the Arabian Peninsula & Great Britain taking a
refreshing approach in delivering an international service of drinks for a large array of events.

The Decadense team has recently provided drinks consultancy and hosted events for clients such the Abu Dhabi F1, BritAsia & Wembley in partnership with Manac Vodka.

Decadense provides full access to outside bars, menu development, staff training & bar consultancy
for our key accounts through Manac Vodka, a service we are proud to now offer to our clients.


Decadense Website — Click Here

Decadense Video Portfolio — Click Here